Kitty's semi backKitty's Back Look at at that back!!!Well, I don't have and front pics, but I'll post them when someone gives them to me! That back work comes from a real tatoo someone did. I like the back and the neck-collar bone spots. We start at five thirty, ended at ten thirty, watched Batman Forever and TMNT during the work.
Maya and Jenny!Soul of Innocence! Those babes and that baby!! Hee hee. Maya aJenny and Emily. She wants to beat me senseless for putting freckles and rouging her cheeks. Made her look the part of Soul of Innocence.
Maggie!!frankie and kathy Snakes, why did it have to be snakes?!?! There's the girl with the make-up brush, herself! I put some blood on my chin and shoulder, so that's what's up. There is Kathy and Frances, ain't they great?!?!
Hopefully, as pics circulate, I'll put more up.