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I have become a member of the fan forum community for FreeFall, 21st Century Fox, Magpie House, and Cross Time Cafe.  Since I don't draw, any attempt I've made at artwork has been strictly cut-and-paste.   I've graduated to GIMP, which allows me to be more annoying and still not have to be original.

Birthday card for Scott Kellogg which steals some of his artwork

A good-luck card for Scott again stealing his artwork; my first attempts at QuickTime.

Another birthday card for Scott again stealing his artwork

Well, there was this big deal about unicorns and crowbars, so...   It was my very first filk, and you can see the Scotch tape if you look closely.

For some reason, I thought Sam Starfall and Helix would do well as The Blues Brothers.

White Pony honored me by asking me to write an introduction to the Cross Time Cafe for new viewers; this was my draft of The Secret Origins of the Cross Time Cafe

The characters' appearances in the Cross Time Cafe are strictly non-canon, but some non-canons are better than others.

Last year, I decided there should be Christmas cards for the CTC, so there's one for White Pony, and one for Kathy Grrsn, And one for Mzzkiti, and one for Florence, and one for Jack and Jenny.

The card for Mzzkiti was the beginning of Mzzkiti's Wardrobe Wars; they are just not getting it right down there. They screwed up Easter and Talk Like A Pirate Day, and even Halloween!

White Pony got an Easter card, too. But one day, Kathy Grrsn caught him napping, and did terrible things to him.

Does anyone remember LOLCATS? I decided one CTC strip would make a pretty good series of LOLCAT jokes. And then Mzzkiti deserved one of her one, too.

When Scott married Kathy Garrison, there was much talk about making a wedding cake out of donuts!

Everybody's better for an occaisional new look.

Sometimes music must be heard.
Haggis is a frequent topic of conversation on the fora, God knows why, but a haggis is sometimes worth listening to.
In honor of the various tigers on the forum, the Tiger Rag, and a birthday card for Tora Kiyoshi.
I remembered a Mark Cohen cover of a song about a Silver Thunderbird and decided that that was definitely Jack's song.

And a selection of my avatar images, based on my hero, the Doubtful Guest :
A Doubtful Guest
And the Starfield Series :
Starfield 1
Starfield 2
Starfield 3
Starfield 4
Starfield 5
Starfield 6
Starfield 7
Starfield 8
Starfield 9
Starfield 10
Starfield 11
Starfield 12
Starfield 13
Starfield 14
The Feychild, who creates the Stick Figure Dragons, has adopted Sleepy John as a running character. I've adopted some of her images as icons, in return:
In the bath
Brother Sleepy John, the salvationist
Making a clone
With gummi bear
Saint Patrick's Day

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