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Boy Scouts wear neckechiefs, and for  almost a hundred years we've carved little neckerchief slides to hold them.   The modern Boy Scouts like to call them 'tie slides', and the shorter name is easier to type, but to me they're neckerchief slides.  I've also seen them called 'woggles', but I think that is specifically the name for the turk's head knot used for Wood Badge neckerchief slides.

Slides Carved By Jim Reynolds  These are slides carved by my father, over a period of thirty years of Scouting.
Slides Carved By John Reynolds These are slides that I've carved. 
Also, here is a step-by-step guide to making the matchstick slide  that we present to the new Scouts who join our troop.

Slides From Mike Ward Mike Ward, an excellent whittler, found this page and sent me pictures and information on some of the slides he's done.

Slide Of The Month Patterns from Jim Reynolds My dad clipped a lot of slide patterns from Boys' Life; this is his collection.

Slide Of The Month Patterns from Mike Ward And Mike has even MORE of them!

Slides from Rich Aherns  Updated March 2014

Slides from John Alexy  A new contributor! John Alexy is a Cubmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster in West Linn, OR.

John Alexy has also given me a spreadsheet of neckerchief slides from Boys' Life and from sources on the web.  John says: This is a list of Slide of the month listing from Boy's Life Mag, listing month and year and page for many Whittlin' Jim's Slide of the Month articles, plus other items I thought were interesting from BL mag.  I also have listed many other slides from your website.    I have never been able to find a compiled list of BL Slide articles and a few years ago I discovered the "Way Back Machine" to view Boy's Life Mags and articles.  so ofer time I compiles an index.  I also have added a few other slides I like and have found.

Mark II  Tie Slide Web Site inspired by Mike  Ward!

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