Slides by Mike Ward

Mike Ward is a Scouter who came across my slides page, and offered to let me post some of his work: slides he has carved, and, more important, directions on how to carve them!  Thank you, Mike!

Here are some slides Mike has done, with the directions :

Busy Bees
Candy Corn
Handyman's Toolbox
Impossible Dovetail Slide Mike sent me one of these. It took me five minutes to figure out, my son had it in thirty seconds.
Impossible Dovetail Slide as a PDF file
Other Slides I Have Made Do not miss this, there is some amazing stuff in there!
Cherry Pie
A Scout Mug
Scrimschaw Slide
S'mores Slide
Watermelon Slice Slide

Other contributions :

Three collections of Slide of the Month reprints by Greg Firestone. You can also see the 'Whittling Jim' pages here.
Slides Of The Month, Volume 1
Slides Of The Month, Volume 2
Slides Of The Month, Volume 3

Here are some slides that Mike found on the 'net, and thought worth keeping:

A woodpecker:
toast 48-08 48-10
Sergeant Snorkel
51-03 51-05 51-06
A ram: 51-10
51-11 52-05
Another sergeant:
52-06 52-07
And some directions on slide carving from "Ben Hunt's Big Book of Whittling"
52-08 52-09 52-10

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last update: 10/22/07