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Orientation - Council Office
May 26

Course - TBA
June 12-13

Follow-up - Council Office
June 16

A basic skills course may
also be available in May

Paddle Sports Awareness

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This awareness course covers skills and techniques for planning and leading a successful paddling outing. Course topics include: Planning & Leadership, Types of Paddling, Equipment, Safety, Orienting the Paddler, Paddling Strokes & Techniques, Maneuvers, and River Reading and Running as they relate to Paddle Sports Awareness. This course is open to all registered Scouting adults who have completed the HAT Core Course, can demonstrate a knowledge of the fundamental strokes and can pass the swimming test. A Class 3 Medical Form is required for each adult. Contact Keith Gale for any questions: keith_gale@hotmail.com or (925) 672-3592.

The cost is $85 and limited to the first 30 who sign up.

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Course Syllabus

Water Safety

Types of Paddling



Orienting the Paddler

Paddling Strokes, Maneuvers and Techniques for Moving Water

River Reading and Running